Piyush Group

The vision of a perfect world, unparalleled in luxury, comfort and facilities is one thing. Arriving at the same destination in real time is another. It is a journey that takes shape from the drawing board and needs to be constantly evolved and developed at every stage. Not to mention frequently adapted to fit changing market realities and moulded as unpredicted circumstances arise which incidentally also tests the flexibility and the practical nature of the vision itself. In short it is a journey that requires more than just one’s will to reach the destination.

Piyush Group gains new ground each new day, as it travels its chosen path fueled by its zeal for excellence. Projects are in progress. Projects are to be initiated. Milestones have been crossed and milestones are to be yet crossed.Though the path has been fast paced, eventful and exciting, it is still leagues away from its destination. However, every day is one step closer

And the immediate future ahead is set and ready to witness some of the group’s most ambitions plans –a small part and parcel of what will eventually come to be.

A step forward - Presence

To project its true stature in the real estate sector, the Piyush group, plans to magnify its presence by the sole virtue of its excellence in construction ingenuity and plans to develop projects of various magnitudes, in metropolitan cities and sub-metropolitan cities by the end of 2010. The company plans to be involved in at least 6 commercial 5 residential project in the targeted period. A planned move that’ll no doubt be a step forward in acquiring a presence both nationally and internationally. Also by the end of the same year, the company is also poised to create a benchmark in the markets of Middle Eastern Countries, particularly Dubai and Ajman, owing to the profitable nature of its activities in those areas

A step forward – Delivery

To facilitate customer convenience and further boost-up its record, the Piyush Group aims to deliver 70 lac sq.ft of luxurious residential area and 10 Lac sq.ft of posh commercial area on various locations in and around the national capital region. It is not only a significant step in strengthening one of the most prominent trademarks of the group but also in strengthening trust and customer bonds - that are valued by the group

A step forward - Diversification

After proving its expertise in the residential and commercial sector, the Piyush group is mentally and physically prepared to venture into new areas of real estate development starting with hospitality, education, aviation and herbal tourism. The accumulated experience gained before, the understanding and the knowledge of world-class construction techniques will be another major factor in favour of the group.

A step forward – Construction Professionals

The construction business is a rapidly changing world. Today quality and timely delivery is based on effective management of manpower, equipment and resources. The steep increase in various activities undertaken or slotted to be explored soon in the future, has created an increased demand in highly skilled professionals at all Piyush projects. The company in tune with its own needs is already looking at hiring a significant number of professionals by the end of 2010


Proper planning is the key to success. However proper planning includes almost everything that is related to making business go places. The Piyush Group with focus on the future has streamlined and organized all concerned departments for maximum efficiency concerning the ground work of pre – IPO work processes. All in preparation of establishing their presence in the capital market anytime before 2010 and expansion afterwards


Currently the company has 2 SEZ’s in its books. And is focused and striving to transform yet another dream into concrete reality - to attain a minimum land bank of 5,00,00,000 (approx.) sq. ft. The target has been identified and declared an achievable target in addition to the existing land bank of 2,00,00,000 (approx.) sq. ft. that exists today.